10 Reasons why XCAD leads the way in athletic development

CoreXcellence Athletic Development – Where the pros of tomorrow come to train today.

10 reasons why we are different than the rest:

How? Here’s how:

1 – Minimal effective dose

Our job as athletic development coaches is to understand how much is enough. In theory you can train very hard all the time, but eventually you’ll have some off-days and then some off-weeks… your body will rebel and break down. This is why we only administer what is absolutely necessary.

At CoreXcellence we monitor your energy levels every training session and adjust accordingly.

We strive for long term, continual improvement by administering the minimum effective dose to keep you on the right track and continually improving.

 2- Continual improvement means being injury free!

Everybody knows injuries suck. Not only do they hurt your physical performance, but they hurt your mental performance too.

We pride ourselves at being able to assess your movement, find dysfunctions, and fix them! If you have an injury, we will figure out why you have that nagging issue, and fix it!

3 – Cutting edge strength, power, speed, conditioning, rehab and nutrition specialists.

Our team of Osteopaths, Active Release Specialists, Nutritionists and Performance enhancing specialists work together to better YOUR performance so that you can go all season long injury free!!

4 – Coach and develop

As coaches and professionals it’s our job to develop every athlete that comes into CoreXcellence to their full potential. We pride ourselves by being at the forefront of reputable training and rehabilitative methodologies. We run a system that has been proven to do so time and time again.
You, as an elite level athlete, will be following the same cutting-edge system that the pros do! You will develop!

5 – We teach and we learn

Humans constantly strive for improvement. We will teach you methods to not only make you stronger, faster, and less injury prone, but we will teach you to be more efficient in your movement patterns. Thereby using less energy per movement and saving more for that final play.

We are constantly looking and learning new methodologies to better your performance and movement efficiency. This summer’s program will not be the same as the last, or the one before that. This is attributed to: like you, we have to keep learning if we want to grow.

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”  ~ Harry S Truman

6 – Highly Monitored Programs

By now you’ve figured out that movement is an integral part of our program. It is of the utmost importance that the movement quality is not sacrificed by adding weight to the bar. While getting stronger is the main goal, mastering movement will pay bigger dividends come the second half of the season.
For the above-mentioned reasons we keep the athlete to coach ratio at a maximum of 4 athletes to 1 coach. We have tried and tested this ratio and found it is a perfect balance to letting the athletes train with their teammates, and for us as coaches to make sure even the smallest improper movement pattern is caught and corrected.

7 – Experience
The performance specialists at CoreXcellence have done work in the trenches of their respective sports. Whether it is football, hockey, basketball, or soccer, All of us here played (and still play) at an elite level. We coach it and we live it, so we understand the sport first hand.

With a strong staff of 6, plus a varying number of interns, we combine to over 50 years of coaching excellence.

8 – Unique programming for each athlete and sport

Every apple is not the same, nor is every sport or athlete. We understand the demands of each sport, team or individual, and create a structured, periodized program to ensure continual success for every athlete.

9 – In-season vs. off-season

The demands of your sport vary according to whether you are preparing for tryouts, maintaining your strength and power during the season, or preparing for the playoff push. This is where the science comes into play by administering the minimum effective dose to make sure your body, and brain are running on a full tank when you need it most.

10 – Development

All of this talk about developing you doesn’t actually make you a better athlete. But we can.

Come in for an assessment, and let us show you how you can become a bigger, better, stronger, faster, less injury-prone monster who will recover faster and out-perform the competition.

The next season looks like the best season yet.

To your success,

The Guys at CoreXcellence


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