CoreXcellence is now offering an Internship Program!!

As the pioneers of athletic development in Montreal, at the forefront of rehabilitation, nutrition and results based training. We are excited to announce that CoreXcellence is now offering internships!

As a CoreXcellence intern, you have the opportunity to work with Performance Specialists who effectively develop young athletes in preparation for their college and professional careers. You’ll be trained in the same systems that produce these world-class results and you’ll get the skills needed to far exceed others in your field.

As part of your CoreXcellence internship, you’ll participate in lectures and practical sessions for an in-depth look at CoreXcellence’s core fundamentals: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery!

CoreXcellence is proud to announce that we have a whopping 0% injury rate in our athletes who have finished our spring and summer Athletic Development camps!

We provide you the tools to make it all they way, all you need to do is apply the effort.The Deadline to apply for the sumer internship (June 1st – August 30th) is May 15th
**We are only accepting 5 interns for this summer**

For More information download the PDF: CoreXcellence Internship application, visit our Facebook page, or come into CoreXcellence and speak to one of the Performance Specialists today!


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