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Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.

Every week I will be posting information about topics such as nutrition, supplements, Mobility exercises/strategies to improve your posture and athletic performance, strength training exercises, Conditioning exercises, joint saving strategies and everything in between. Any topic that will better your athletic development and lifestyle will be touched upon.

Your comments and suggestions for topics are encouraged.

To your success,

Rich Thaw


4 responses to “Welcome to RT Strength & Conditioning!

  1. Hi Rich,

    i had a question about conditioning, i am a hockey player looking for the best type of summer training. i am currently in a program called CROSSFIT i dont know if you have heard of it but, i wanted your opinion on it toward my hockey goals.
    thank you

    • Hey Jamie,

      Yes I have heard of Crossfit before. I’m not the biggest fan of it for many reasons; The first and foremost being that they pay no attention to joint health or mobility and the technique that I’ve seen in many video’s is far from decent. That being said I would never do any type of Olympic lift for reps since it is a very neuromuscular demanding lift and not to mention very technique oriented! Combining anybody with a young training age (under 2 years), having unsupervised lifters with complex lifting movements and on top of that telling them to do the exercises as fast as possible!? It’s pretty much exactly what I’d recommend if someone said “How can I hurt as many people as possible, in the least amount of sessions?”.

      I cant argue that it will beat the shit out of you very quickly and get you that short-term six pack, but then again if you do anything as hard as you can for minutes at a time your bound to be gassed.

      I think for your hockey improvement goals your best bet is to hook up with a strength coach (athlete training specialist) in your area and go from there. They can teach you the proper technique to exercises, guide you through a properly periodized program, teach you proper nutritional habits, provide you exercises adn strategies necessary to keep your shoulders, back, and groin healthy during the off-season and on top of all that build you up to be really strong! – And during this process making sure you are not overloaded and become fatigued half way through the summer.

      Let me know where your located and I’ll try to find a good strength coach in your area!

      Hope that helps Jaime,


      • yea that does thank you rich, i am currently training for jr hockey in the british columbia hockey league (BCHL) im from Santa Clarita, California. one more question if you dont mind, what muscle groups should i focus on for my training?

      • Look into Alwyn Cosgrove or Robert Dos Remedios. Those two are very good strength coaches ( athlete trainers) who are in Santa Clarita.
        They can help you out in terms of your training goals.

        Everything is very important. if I were to choose a body part I guess I would choose legs but the legs only function as well as the core can stabilize them. And the upper body is a huge part of your hitting game.

        Go to Kevinneeld.com or Anthonydonskov.com they both are great guys with a ton of info about hockey training on their sites also if you can look into Mike Boyle. He’s known for developing hockey players and is the strengthcoach for BU hockey.

        Good luck this off-season Jaime!

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